Pictures of Funny Nose Page 3

Funny Nose in front of Monasterio de San Lorenzo

(El Escorial, Spain April 2003)

"Silly Spanish sacked the new world and all they got was this dumb building"

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"I sure hope that St James the Moor Slayer doesn't catch me here"

Funny Nose at Moorish Castle

(Sintra, Portugal April 2003)

"Halt! Who goes there?"

Funny Nose in front of Pena Palace

(Sintra, Portugal April 2003)

"I wonder what fell ?"

Funny Nose at Valley of the Fallen

(Near El Escorial, Spain March 2003)

Funny Nose meets his cousins

Furby and Finley

"Humm this fish might taste good with Sweet and Sour Sauce"

(Hillsboro, Oregon July 2004)

Funny Nose finds an elevation marker

"There this should beat my cousin Finley"

"Thats 8408.79 ft"

(Machu Picchu , Peru September 2004)

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"They could knock that down and put in some new condos "

(Machu Picchu , Peru September 2004)

Funny Nose allows his porter to take in the view

(Machu Picchu , Peru September 2004)

Funny Nose starts to climb the Inca Trail to "Intipunku" The Sun Gate Elevation 2745 meters 9005.91 feet

(Machu Picchu , Peru September 2004)

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