Pictures of Funny Nose Page 2


"I'm a 1,000 feet above that? I don't think so"

(Bergen, Norway June 2001)

"I could see a lot further if those silly hills were not there"

(Flam, Norway June 2001)

"Is this my royal palace? What do you mean no?"

(Stockholm, Sweden June 2001)

"Ooooo. What is that thing?"

(Stockholm, Sweden June 2001)

"What tower?"

(Paris, France June 2001)

"I got the window seat, Hee Hee Hee"

(Stockholm, Sweden Junw 2001)


"Figures. That silly bonzo is from the wrong side of the bridge"

(Philidelphia,USA June 2001)


"I still am not a dumb ole swan"

(Fredricksborg Castle, Denmark June 2001)


Funny Nose getting ready for his upcoming Italy trip


(Basement Seattle house April 2002)

Funny Nose and Evil Eyes doing the spin cycle

(Basement Seattle house March 2002)


Funnynose at the leaning tower of Pisa

(Pisa, Italy March 2002)


"I swear I didn't do it , It was that way when I got here"

FunnyNose at St Marks Square

(Venice, Italy March 2002)

"This is sure a silly place to put a tennis line."

"Help! Help! Help! How am I supposed to get down from here?"

(Riomaggiore, Italy March 2002)

"Still a little bit on the small side but it will do"

The Castle of Neuschwanstein

(Fussen, Germany December 2002)

The view from Hohensalzburg Fortress

(Salzburg, Austria December 2002)

"Thats funny I don't see any kangaroos around"

Update to this comment here

Funny Nose and his cousin Furby

"Dumb thing just repeats what ever I say"

(Bath, Maine September 2002)

"What rock ?"

Funny Nose in front of Rock of Gibraltar

(La Linea de la Concepcion, Spain April 2003)

"No I'm not wearing a flea collar"

Funny Nose looking into the ring

(Plaza de Toros Ronda, Spain April 2003)

View of Toledo c. 2003 by El Bonzo

View of Toledo c. 1597 by El Greco

"I have compared these 2 masterpieces and declare the top one as the better one"

Funny Nose El Greco

(Toledo, Spain April 2003)

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