Pictures of Funny Nose Page 1

I don't think this is the way to scan pictures


Funny Nose's first attempt at scanning

"These seats sure are uncomfortable"

Funny Nose waiting for the tube in the London underground Westminster stop

(London, England)

I'm writing a letter to the Queen about these seats

"Huh, I wonder what happened to this rock?" Sure silly to pay $5 to see this silly rock."

Funny Nose looking around Tintern Abbey ruins 

(Wales, England)

"What tower?"

Funny Nose in front of the Eiffel Tower

(Paris, France)

I still don't see that tower

Those bonzos got a cheap bottle of wine


Funny Nose sitting on a balcony trying out some wine.

(Paris, France)

"Can I see if those pictures on that film are of me? Why not?"

Funny Nose and David waiting for the Chunnel at the Waterloo station.

(London, England )

I'm embarrassed sitting next to that bonzo

"2000 years old yea right looks like they are building it now"

Funny Nose sitting in front of the Roman Coliseum

(Rome, Italy March 1999)


Funny Nose at the Roman Forum

(Rome, Italy March 1999)

"I was 'fisole' here. hee hee hee"

Funny Nose at some Roman ruins

(Fisole, Italy March 1999)

"Those must be mighty big bees that live in that house"

Funny Nose in front of the "Beehive"

(Wellington, New Zealand Feburary 2000)

How the hell did I end up in Cleveland

"What are those silly people staring at me for?"

Funny Nose on the Waterfront

(Cleveland, Ohio)

"8 hours to here? That silly bonzo got me lost again"

Funny Nose waiting at the Honolulu Airport for the next leg to New Zealand

"No, I am not licking myself!"

Funny Nose going across the Harbour Bridge.

(Auckland, New Zealand Feb 2000)

"What are all those people in that boat looking at?"

(Amsterdam, Holland)

"Hmmmm, does not look like those wings are flapping very well"

(Somewhere over the Atlantic)

"We'll maybe I did not invent the atom, but I could have"

(Brussells, Belgium)

"Yeah, its OK. Maybe a little small, but O.K."

(Versailles, France)

"No, I am not a dumb ole swan"

(Fredricksborg Castle, Denmark June 2001)

"Whatsa matter, Couldn't find one of these in Holland?"

(Copenhagen, Denmark June 2001)

"I wonder where that bonzo is going to sleep tonight? This is my compartment, after all"

(Bergen, Norway June 2001)

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