Pictures of Injured Bird

I don't know about those bonzos

"I'm helping helping David Drive"

(Somewhere in New Zealand)

Injured Bird thinks we have a big problem because the steering wheel is on the wrong side

"Here I am in the Rotorua, New Zealand thermal park."

You better not throw me in

"My husband, FN, snuck into this picture. We are somewhere near Lake Taupo, New Zealand."

I should push him off

"I am sitting next to a lake near Murchison, New Zealand here."

"Here I am next to the Hururaki Falls in New Zealand. I sent my husband a postcard from here."

"This is Northern New Zealand, near a nice Fish and Chips place that BB1 wanted to see."

"This is us on the South Island of New Zealand near Nelson. I think that silly Bonzo said this was Able Tasman Park."

That FN is such a boozer

"It is always important to rest after a long day of travel."

"My last day in Auckland, New Zealand.

From here, I went to catch my plane back home -- poor me"