Funny Nose Industries

Funny Nose Calendar Supply


2004 Calendars OUT OF PRODUCTION

Look at the Calendar

See My 2005 Calendar "Funny Nose and the Incas"

$29.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling

Funny Nose Food Supply

We purchase and deliver food in the Seattle area.

Funny Nose Ground Transportation

We provide all sorts of ground transportation in the greater Seattle area.

Funny Nose Toilet Supply

Let me supply your next toilet.

Funny Nose Bonzo Washing Service

We will wash , dry and clothe your bonzo.

Funny Nose Drill Supply

Spade bits are my speciality.

Birdways Travel

Agent 1

Planning trips around the world since 2000

Open when we feel like it.

"We'll take you where we want to go"

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