Pictures of Fella and FG

Fella and FG at Avesbury Stones.

Fella is really looking at that book closely

(Salisbury Plain, England)

Fella and FG at the Eiffel Tower

(Paris, France)

Fella and FG at Notre Dame

(Paris, France)

Fella and FG at Big Ben

(London, England)

Fella and FG on the Millennium Wheel

(London, England)

After a long day of riding in the car, Fella and FG decide to have a pint at The George in Bathampton, England

We decided to title this one: "The Old Man on a Park Bench"

(Chambord , France)


The person on the right was spotted in Fussen Germany in December of 2002


FG drinking a beer at the McDonalds in Munich

"hold the onions"

(Munich, Germany December 2002)

FG enjoying 5 scoops of ice cream

"I hope there is no cebolla in this"

(Granada, Spain April 2003)

"Huh maybe I could build one of these in my backyard"

FG at Moorish Castle

(Sintra, Portugal April 2003)

David and FG on walls of Castelo San Jorge

(Lisbon, Portugal April 2003)

A bunch of Brazilian Housewives mistake FG for the Incan God of Thunder Apu Illapu

(Machu Picchu , Peru September 2004)