Pictures of Evil Eyes

This is me in front of the Eiffel Tower.

I had to take those silly Bonzos with me, can you believe that?

I asked that bonzo to buy me this, but he said no:

Mean ole Bonzo.

This is in Wales. Did not see any, though -- Wales that is.

Caerphilly Castle

This is me in front of the Biosphere in Montreal at the Expo 67 site

(Montreal Quebec Nov 2000)


I'm at a fort somewhere in Quebec

I better not sit here when they fire that off.



On the waterfront in Montreal

(Montreal Quebec Nov 2000)



"That ole Bonzo took me to France and all I got was this dumb picture."

(Arles, France Feb 2002)

"Where is the spaghetti?"

(Bellagio, Italy March 2002)

"Hiccup!!--What vodka?"

EE in front of the Kremlin

(Moscow, Russia May 2004)