Petes Cougar

This is my 1968 XR-7 Cougar that I got in the summer of 1998. When I first got it, it only had 86,000 miles on it, it has 116,000 as of Jan, 2006. I get my parts from Don Rush of West Coast Classic Cougar , and Stang-it and once in awhile from Mustangs Unlimited .

Things I've done to the car since I've had it:

Put on Front disc brakes
New rear leaf spring so it doesn't drag it's ass anymore
Mallory electronic ignition with MSD 
Vinyl roof
Mercury factory mags
Dual exhaust with 2" aluminumized pipe 
Painted with 4 coats of base and 4 coats of clear coat

I was putting on power disc brakes on the car, sure stopped a lot better

My Cougar by the Interstate 5 bridge in Vancouver

More pictures to come soon