Pictures of Bird with no Name

Not there

"Don't leave me here. I don't speak Roman"

Bird with no Name sitting in the Roman Coliseum

(Rome, Italy)

"For sale. This picture, $10 each"

Bird with no Name at the Roman Forum 

(Rome, Italy)

"Who said I'm leaning? Its that dumb building."

Bird with no Name and David at the leaning tower of Pisa

(Pisa, Italy)

"Where's my cake?"


(Chantilly, France Feb 2002)

"That does not look like a duck."


(Pont du Gard, France Feb 2002)

Chateau de Chenonceaux

(Chenonceaux, France Feb 2002)

"Get me off this damn wall it's cold out here"

The Castle of Neuschwanstein

(Fussen, Germany December 2002)

"Where is my beer?"


"This rock won't move"

BWNN and the Medieval walls

(Avila, Spain March 2003)

"Where did all the water go?"

BWNN and the Roman Aqueduct

(Segovia, Spain March 2003)

"Look what I found"

BWNN in front of the Monument to Discoveries

(Lisbon, Portugal April 2003)

BWNN in front of the Power House at Boldt Castle

(1000 Islands Alexandria Bay, New York July 2000)

"I only counted 997 islands"

BWNN enjoying the sun at Plaza de Armas

(Cuzco, Peru September 2004)

BWNN on the Great Wall of China

(China April 2007)